rotten_decay88 (rotten_decay88) wrote in poetic_thoughts,

My Poem

This is my original first poem so please don't steal it!!

I don’t know why I came back here, to the scene of your crime

Tears running down my face, my hands covered in your blood

The rushing thoughts, telling me to stop so I ask them  “stop what?”

The world is black, just like my heart

I never understood myself,

So I ask you have I gone too far?

And As I stop and stare, and look at your lifeless body, I wonder “how did you die?”


Now I see, now I understand

It’s not you, it’s me

I was gone before you left, now I’m haunting the one last piece of me,

Then I wonder “what has gone?”, “what is missing?”


Then I realise the only thing left of me is death,

The only thing missing is, you.... 

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