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Through My Eyes

Umm, okay, I'm kinda new to this so bare with me! It's a song I wrote, I'm not sure whether to use it for my band or not.
Any feedback or oppinions would be awesome, thank you. It's not very good tbh, but I just write for pleasure.
Thank you :)

so he lays in that coffin
as dead as her eyes
just a tourist attraction
for each eye the cries
this is what he would've wanted
no, this is your lies,
even in death he is living
this pretentious life

when each scale evens out
with each birth, dies another
when it finally affects you
in one way or other
do you feel any better?
or is this another
line that you didn't write?

but forever they'll tell us
we don't need the torch
the crutch is a burden
our strength reinforced
oh, but just once i want it
i need to be stabalized

Come watch life through my eyes

well there'll be someone who's as broken as you
and he'll always try fixing your heart, torn in two
but to make his mark left
is this what he should do?
Perhaps he should break your heart too

cos forever we'll find these purpose built lovers
who seek their soul partners just to break each other
forever and never is a promise i'll take
if you promise to laugh, watch me break

cos forever they'll tell us
we don't need the torch
the crutch is a burden
our strength reinforced
but just this once i want it
i want to be stabalized

come watch life through my eyes

so now i can tell you what we aim to acheive
if a life is a prison then why not break free?
but what lies beyond is far beyond me
so how do we know that it's free?

just keep telling yourself
this is just what you wanted
a scar to display
and a broken heart flaunted
a glamourous suicide
glitters and taunts you
a beautiful way to die?

or is this all just a lie?

well come watch life through my eyes

you'll destroy all for which that you fight.
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