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So true, don't want to go there..

I destroy homes, I tear families apart, I'll take your kids and thats only the start, I am more valuable than diamonds and more precious than gold.
The sorrow I'll bring you is a sight to behold, If you need me, I'm easily found, I live all around you in schools and towns, I live down the street or maybe nextdoor. I live with the rich and even the poor, I am made in a lab, but like you think, I can even be made at your kitchen sink, in your childs closet or even in the woods.
If this scares you to death than it certainly should, I have many names, but the one I like best is the most common name just good ole Crystal Meth.
My Power is awesome, just try me and see, But when you do you'll never be free, Maybe once I'll let you go, Do me twice I'll have your soul! When you are mine you will steal and lie, whattever it takes just to get high! The crimes you'll commit under my illusional charm will be worth it, when I'm pumping thru your arms.
You'll lie to your mom and steal from your dad, as you see them cry you won't even be sad, you'll forget how you were raised and the morals you once had, Now I'm your conscience and I'll show you the way, I take kids from parents, and parents from kids, take people from God, and seperate friends! I'll have it all your looks and pride, I'll be the loyal one right by your side!!!
It'll be all gone, your family and home, But dont worry babe your not alone, I'll take and take till theres nothing left, when I am thru you won't want to live! Everyone will warn you, this isn't a game, give me some time I'll drive you insane, I'll ravage your body and control your mind, take your soul, you are completly mine!!!
Nightmares in bed and voices in your head, shakes, sweats, and illusions you'll see, I want you to know they are all gifts from Me!!! But by then its to late, you'll know in your heart, your mine now and we will never be apart, Regret trying me? They all do, remember anytime you want to come see me, I'll be here waiting for you, You knew this would happen, how many times you were told, but you challenged my power trying to be bold, could have said NO and walked away. If asked again what would you say?
My power is AWESOME, I told you before, I'll take any female and her a dope whore, Now that we've met what will you do? I'll give you a chance the answers on you? I'll show you more misery than one life should endure, just reach for my hand, while I lead you thru HELL!!!
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