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deep within

so i wrote this. hope u like it, please dont steal it
"Deep Within"

If you look beyond my scars
Far, far away
You might just see the happy girl
Thats starting to fade away
If you look back to the past
And notice who i was
You'll notice that now who i am
Isn't really me
If you look beyond my smile
Beyond my fading face
If you look beyond the pain
You might just feel the same
If you look past my tears
And past the fallen blood
If you pass all of that
Then you will have fallen
If you fall where i have fell
Then you might notice too
This life i live is nothing
But a show i put on for you
If you look past my fake smile
Past my fake outside
Then you will see whats wrong
Deep deep inside
If you do down deep enough
You might get to my heart
If you see the crack in it
You'll know what fell apart
If you travel through my blood
And look up at my skin
You might just see the scars
That show up deep within
If you look beyond the scars
Beyond my fading arm
Maybe then and only then
Will you finally understand
the reasons that i hide myself
Under this white sweatband
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